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Dani Daniels "Wanna Fuck" Hidden Message Pocket T-Shirt

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  • Official Dani Daniels Merchendise
  • Quirky design
  • Soft and comfortable fabric material
  • Bold and unique
  • Suitable for all sexes and genders
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Detailed description



From the mouth of Dani:

"Back by popular demand The Wanna Fuck Shirt.

High-quality cotton, none of that cheap shit. Wear it to the bar to impress (not responsible for drinks thrown in your face) but I AM responsible for helping you get laid. Wear it on a tinder date because we all know what you really want. You're an Aquarius but you came to party like a Scorpio and get some of that sweet, sweet stuff.

In a relationship? Surprise your sweetheart with the romance of wanting to fuck. Wear it to your grandma's birthday party, no one will know what's really on your mind. Sorry grandma, I'm on the prowl, looking for love.

Ladies, this one is for you too! Wear it, and surprise your man! Show him what a tiger you are in the sack! Or just wear it to shock people because this is one hilarious shirt. Practice safe sex."






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