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30 Remarkable Health Benefits of Sex

06 Jul 2021
From pain relief and decreased stress to improved sleep and brainpower, read on to learn how an active sex life can make you a happier, healthier pers...

Satisfy Your Inner Sex Tech Geek

23 Feb 2021
We take a closer look at the Beso G and Deluxe Mega Wand from Voodoo and see why they are satisfying tech lovers...

Inclusive Pleasure – An Interview with Julia Margot from Hot Octopuss

03 Jul 2020
Hot Octopuss is a sex toy company on a mission - to create unique sex toys that celebrate every body!

Exploring the Senses: Eva’s Guide to Sensory Play

28 May 2020
It can be sensuous or stimulating, vanilla or kinky, funny and messy or soothing and nurturing...

IBD, Sex and Me

18 May 2020
"I would say that my sex life is better than ever. Accepting my illness and my ostomy bag meant I could accept all of my body, lumps, scars and all"....

10 Unusual Sex Toys To Try For National Masturbation Month

12 May 2020
Do you masturbate because you have a high sex drive, or do you have a high sex drive because you masturbate?

VLOG - Ask Eva #1: Womanizer and Orgie Bio

17 Apr 2020
We sat down with Violet Fenn and discussed Orgie Bio and Womanizer, but things didn't quite go to plan...

Christmas Gift Guide

12 Nov 2019
  ‘Pick something that can be used even when you have extra guests in the house over the holiday season...’

Win with Eva!

08 Jul 2019
  Your chance to win the elegant travel companion that's ready to take you to the land of orgasms!      

You're Doing the Hoovering All Wrong!

05 Jul 2019
  ‘Oh God! I think the world might be exploding and there’s nothing I can do about it’    

Curiously Kinky?

16 Jan 2019
    Looking to try something new? Want to experiment in the bedroom but not sure where to start?      

Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

20 Dec 2018
    Looking to introduce a vibrating friend into your relationship?      

How to create a "buzz" under your Christmas tree this year!

12 Nov 2018
  Looking for the perfect gift?   Check out Charlotte Phoenix's gift guide for some ideas...    

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