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Satisfy Your Inner Sex Tech Geek

Satisfy Your Inner Sex Tech Geek

We take a closer look at the Beso G and Deluxe Mega Wand from Voodoo and see why they are satisfying tech lovers...

Sex toys are coming on leaps and bounds, with more features than we could have ever imagined!

From Bluetooth connectivity to controlling your partner’s orgasms from the other side of the world and even toys that interact with VR films, sex toys are certainly satisfying the needs of tech geeks across the planet.

Take the Beso G by Voodoo Toys for instance. This fantastic hybrid sex toy combines both the blissful pleasure of a clitoral stimulator with the powerful, rumbly sensations of an insertable vibrator to create a unique and exciting product. I say unique, and I bet you’re wondering “What makes the Beso G really stand out from others though?”.

As well as 10 deep vibration patterns and 10 different suction modes, this delicious device also includes a warming function. Ready to heat up things in the bedroom, the silky-smooth silicone surface becomes a warm, sensual playground for your body to explore.

The Beso G also has the added feature of an adjustable clitoral stimulator. How many times have you tried using a shaped toy to hit both your clitoris and G-Spot simultaneously, only to find the shape just doesn’t fit you? All of our bodies are unique, and this is why Beso G is such an adaptable and diverse product. The clitoral stimulator sits upon a hinge, which can be lifted and lowered to make sure that it hits the right spots every time.


Voodoo have also hit the nail on the head when it comes to wands. Let’s take a look at one of our absolute favourites, the Deluxe Mega Wand. This wand is large, and when we say large, we mean is an absolute beast! And yet, it’s one of the lightest wands we’ve come across.
The size of this wand is a truly awesome thing. Its chunky grip makes it incredibly tactile and a pleasure to hold. The vibrations sit in the main head of the wand, and therefore vibration is reduced to a minimum down the handle. And while we’re on the subject of the handle, can I just mention that this can also double up as an insertable too? There aren’t many wands that can do that!

The vibrations produced from the Deluxe Mega Wand are out of this world! Bigger is better, and the large round head and thick body of the wand helps the vibrations to penetrate exactly where you need them. Move over other wands, the Deluxe Mega Wand is a new contender in the market!

One final thing to mention is the price. With a price tag of less than £70, you’ll be able to pick up a wand and a number of other exciting toys in the Voodoo range for the price of other wands alone! “You get what you pay for?” It’s a myth!


More about Voodoo

Voodoo’s unique design was inspired by the female empowerment movements of the late 60’s (The Summer of Love) and 70’s. 

The name “Voodoo” is inspired by African derived spiritual practice. We value the beauty and emphasis that Voodoo has on the worship of the feminine divine. Female sensuality is the center of creation. Where the female pleasure center is seen as the ultimate truth, where life is formed. 


Pick up the Beso G, Deluxe Mega Wand and other Voodoo products including Silky Rope Cuffs and Wand Attachments from Eva Amour right now!

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